Murray's Chicken

No Antibiotics, No Growth Hormones, No Growth Drugs, Chicken and Turkey. Also available Non GMO and Halal

Maple Leaf Farms Duckling

Naturally Raised Pekin Ducklings, Whole Body Ducklings, Sized Duck Breast, Roast Half Duck, Duck     Bacon and Rendered Duck Fat

House of Raeford Poultry

Fully Cooked Chicken Products, CVP Fresh Chicken Items, Breaded Chicken Specialty Items, Breasts, Patties, Nuggets, Tenders, Wings and Boneless Wings


100% Whole Grain Breads & Chips, Cocktail Loaves, Sandwich Breads & Mini Chips


Swiss Valley Farms

Highest quality crafted cheeses. Cream Cheese - Swiss - Gouda - Neufchatel and Blue Cheese     Crumble


Two Leaves and a Bud

Tea company featuring Black Teas - Herbal and White Teas


Authentic High Quality Pulled Pork, Fully Cooked All Natural Pork Belly, Ribs and Rib Tips and New     Boneless Country Style Fully Cooked Ribs and Carnitas

Holten Meats

    Where taste meets tradition. Home to the "CTF", Thick N' Juicy, Angus Beef Patties, and Flat Iron Steaks

Campofrio Fiorucci

Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto, Mortadella, Genoa, Pancetta, Hard Salami, Capicolla and Pepperoni